Private "Boutique" Real-Estate Training..
In 2018... Negative Gearing is DEAD, Buy-Hold-And-Hope GONE, and Positive Cash-Flow No Longer Works.

Discover the NEW Way to PROFIT FROM PROPERTY that's LOW Risk, HIGH Return... and Does Not Require you to Negotiate, Buy or Develop a Single Property by Yourself! 

You're invited to this 1-Day Real-Estate Revolution Boutique Training. 

Watch the video above from Trent Giumelli, Chairman of Giumelli Group, to discover why there is no better system for creating massive profits from property in any economic climate...
If you're committed to saving time and learning the FAST WAYS to create wealth with property - we want to invite you to APPLY to attend this Small Property Projects Training.

"What will I learn?"

In this 1-Day Real-Estate Revolution Training, you'll discover...

✔ HOW to create an EXTRA 250k in Property Profits within the next 12-18 months using Small Property Projects, so you can break the Finance Shackles forever AND NEVER have to work a JOB again.

✔ How to start Highly Profitable Small Property Projects to multiply your Portfolio.

✔ How to successfully source the Best Projects to Achieve MASSIVE Growth in ANY economic environment.

✔ The 3 ways to build a large Property Portfolio working only a few hours a month.

✔ The EXACT Steps for developing a Small Property Projects - You'll be shown "WHAT" is done & "HOW" to do it to Maximise PROFITS.

✔ How Small Property Projects can be done with very little exposure to financial risk.

✔ How to enjoy BIGGER PROFITS with more financial freedom by leverage


You will also discover our Small Property Project 7-Steps to Success Formula:

Step #1 - Get CLEAR - Goal Setting.

Step #2 - STRUCTURE STRUCTURE STRUCTURE - Why it's Important.

Step #3 - Finding a SMALL PROPERTY PROJECT (SPP) - How to Research.

Step #4 - De-Risk - How to compile and execute your Due Diligence FAST.

Step #5 - PURCHASE on YOUR Terms - Ways to ALWAYS protect yourself and negotiate with the best of them

Step #6 - PROJECT MANAGE - On-time & On budget Management.

Step #7 - PACKAGE & SELL IT like a PRO - Profit Strategies to ensure success.

What's included?

  • A 5-STAR Lunch  - Get up close and personal with our Chairman, Trent Giumelli who's done over $250Million in Property Deals over the last decade. Ask him any question you like over Lunch and Dinner about creating Profits from Small Property Projects. VALUE $288.00

  • A 60-minute "1-to-1" Property Profit Planning Mentoring Call to help you discover how much PROFITS you could potentially make within the next 6, 12 or 18 months... VALUE $997.00

  • A 90-minute ONLINE Q&A POST Training to answer any questions that pop-up AFTER you attend the event. VALUE $347.00

  • Attendance at the 1-Day Training to discover the NEW Real-Estate Revolution. VALUE $497.00

  • A BONUS Complimentary Ticket for a Business Partner, Friend, Spouse or Colleague to attend the NEW Real-Estate Revolution Training. VALUE $497.00

  • After-hours PRIVATE Networking EVENT - Join us for a drink AFTER the training from 5:00pm to 6:00pm and associate and network with other like-minded people who are currently doing LIVE Deals and are using the exact same Small Property Projects System we teach. VALUE $397.00

  • 5 Star Dinner with Trent Giumelli and his Property Coaches.

"Who should APPLY to attend?"

This 1-Day Training is not for everybody... so here's who should apply:

  • Newbie Investors and Newbie Property Developers who don't want to waste any time, money and effort making the usual "newbie" mistakes.

  • Seasoned Investors and Property Developers who are tired of seeing a lack of results from their current Property Investing Portfolios or Development efforts and want the NEW strategies to create profits quickly in any economy.

  • Baby Boomers or Homeowners who want to learn how to use this equity to create profits from property.

Who should not apply?

If you are not serious about creating profits from property... then this is unfortunately not for you. The system we teach for creating PROFITS from Small Property Projects obviously needs an initial amount of "seed capital" to get started.

"Where and when” is this Training taking place?"


Date: 21st February 2018

Time: 12:00pm - Registration from 11:30am

Location: Novotel on Collins Melbourne CBD.


Date: 22nd February 2018

Time: 12:00pm - Registration from 11:30am

Location: Darling Harbour Novotel Sydney.

Complete your details on this page to pre-register now...


Who is the Giumelli Group?

Trent Giumelli is the Chairman of the Giumelli Group - "Australia's #1 Small Property Projects Experts"

The Giumelli Group are NOT property spruikers, and they definitely don't do anything like selling property "off the plan"...

After years of researching all the various models for developing wealth with property – including Negative Gearing, Buy-Hold-&-Hope strategy (or ​waiting for growth), Wrapping, Flipping, Renovations and Positive Cash-Flow to name a few, Trent was frustrated with the extended time periods to achieve growth and their lack of immediate cash-flow & profit.

Sure he had some property that literally double with​ in 12 months however these were few and far between, most took years upon years to yield any real tangible results, furthermore he discovered many people were being paid upfront.

After cutting his teeth doing his apprenticeship with two Sydney based developers for FREE, he applied this and his Finance know-how to a variety of Development Projects until he soon found his niche using a system with "Small Property Projects" to create profits from property quickly, easily and with far less risk and exposure to the banks.

FAST FORWARD twenty years and the Giumelli Group uses this same "Small Property Projects" system to create millions of dollars worth of profits for their Clients every year.

... And there is NOTHING ELSE like it available on the market today.

"What do I do next?"

 Complete your details using the form on this page to speak to one of our property profits coaches...

Got a question about any of the above? Call 1-800-69-9325... and select option 1

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